All Aqua Vim tanks are made with glass only, and never acrylic. Our special glass is clearer than standard aquarium glass yet stronger than low iron and Starphire glass. Aqua Vim cabinetry and stands are handcrafted using both solid wood and oak plywood, ensuring that your stands and canopies are never created with pressed wood that can be damaged by constant water contact.

We do not. Technology has yet been found that resolves the acrylic “aging” problem that causes dull-looking tanks after a certain number of years of use, in addition, acrylic tanks are easily scratched. Thus, we currently only manufacture glass aquariums.

Our curved aquariums are hand bent using our tried and true glass bending technique and prebuilt molds and high quality glass. Stands and canopies are handcrafted by our master carpenters with years of experience in creating premium furniture. Due to our painstaking emphasis on quality, one tank set with furniture can take over 100 hours of focused craftsmanship to create and perfect.

Aqua Vim is dedicated to creating handcrafted curved glass aquariums without glue seams that block viewing. We are grateful that the popularity of our unique aquariums keeps us busy, so we are thoroughly committed to focusing on our round aquarium styles. We do not plan to venture into the rectangular aquarium space as of now.

We offer simple customizations on all Aqua Vim styles, such as furniture color and height, for an added fee. Please email us at info@aquavim.com for a quote on a custom Aqua Vim style.

Installation and setup instructions, guidelines, and videos will be found in the footer section of our webpage, under “Setup Instructions”

We believe that your aquarium is an eye-capturing centerpiece in your home, and thus, each set is meticulously handcrafted with quality wood and glass. Due to the handcrafted nature of all of our aquarium sets, there will be very slight variations in dimension (should be no more than 1/2” in variation in sizes). This variation is natural for any handcrafted products, and will not interfere with usage or integrity of the set.

All aquarium sets come with a glass tank, 12” front open canopy, and 34” stand. The tank is pre-drilled with a built in overflow box ideal with sump usage, and will include all the PVC piping and glass covers for setup. Note: the sump and pump system is NOT included, and can be added onto your order.

All aquariums come in sets with a 12” canopy and 34” stand, so usually, we do not sell the tanks alone, as that would break up a complete set. However, there are some instances where we have a space tank or two available for purchase without the furniture. Please inquire at info@aquavim.com to see if we have the style that you are looking for available.

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all aquariums purchased in 2021 and afterwards. To claim the warranty, please show your original invoice receipt and a valid ID that matches the name shown on the receipt. For more details on the warranty, please visit the “Warranty” tab in the footer of our website.

We have spent years refining our packing process to ensure safety at delivery. Each aquarium is wrapped in a solid custom wood crate to avoid damages that may occur. We ship using a third party carrier, who will contact you before scheduling a delivery date and estimated time frame. In the rare instance that damage occurs during transit, please report all damages to us IMMEDIATELY. For more information, please see the “Shipping Policy” link in the footer of our website.